What Should I Do About My Membership ?

The #1 question we've been asked so far is: What should I do about my membership?

Well, if you’re an individual member of NGS, please renew your membership when it comes due.

For societies and other organizations that are members of FGS, we encourage you to renew your membership when it comes due, as well.

The two organizations are operating independently while the details of the merger are completed (target date: 1 October 2020). Until then, each organization continues to provide the benefits that their members expect.

So, as your membership comes due, we encourage you to renew. After the merger, those memberships will be carried forward under the new organization until their expiration dates. If an organization is a member of both NGS and FGS, the NGS renewal date will be moved forward by the number of months remaining on the FGS membership.